sailing heritage society  


All volunteers are encouraged to dress in plain clothing such as khaki or light colored pants/shorts and a dark blue or navy shirt. Sailing Heritage Society t-shirts are available at a cost of $5.


  • Arrive 30 min before departure
  • Perform walk through and note any problems (bathrooms, galley, cabins, etc)
  • Cut Fruit
  • Cut hosts onto platters in center drawer of salon
  • Put out Small Paper Plates, Plastic Cups, Creamer, Sugar, Toothpicks, Napkins
  • Garbage Bags
  • Tied to helm chair
  • Looped around center wench on aft deck (only if large group)
  • Help to welcome guests aboard, offer food and drink
  • Show guests below deck and give tour of the boat
  • Ask that guests place their bags/coats in forward cabin
  • Answer questions about boat and SHS as able
  • Have guests sign “Hold Harmless” waiver
  • Be present for captain’s safety talk
  • Help all children to get fitted out in PFDs before leaving dock

During Sail:

  • Keep food and beverages available
  • Socialize with guests
  • Have Fun
  • Give Tours of below deck
  • Take Pictures for Captains Certificates - should happen aout 45 min before end of trip
  • Captains hat is in the aft cabin above the door
  • Certifications & Camera are in the center drawer on the port side of the aft cabin

After Sail:

  • Clean, Dry, and Put away Dishes
  • Wipe Down Galley and Pilot House Table
  • Sweep Pilot House Floor (on occasion)
  • Vacuum Steps and Salon Floor (on occasion)
  • Put unused Juice/Water back in Fridge
  • Clean out Coffee Maker
  • Stow Condiments and Paper Goods
  • Make watch captain aware of anything that is needed (cups, paper towels, napkins, flyers, glue sticks, etc.)
  • What's This?