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Captain George Todd and Guest Captain

"In the midst of extremely challenging times for our families ...... your actions lift spirits and allow families to cherish every moment that they have."
- Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

"For our teenagers in chemical dependency treatment, being on the boat offers an alternative to drugs, which is a very important step for these kids."
- Ryther Child Center

Sailors brightening the lives of ill children with sailing trips on the healing sea.


NEW: Learn more about the unique and valuable work we do by watching our video presentation, produced by Midair Rose Productions.

Since 1980, Sailing Heritage has donated thousands of trips to seriously ill children, cancer patients and at-risk families. In the beginning, we first offered these healing trips to cancer patients from nearby Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Each year Sailing Heritage Foundation projects donating 100 + cruises for those in need carrying approximately 2500 guests. Our sails are usually on Lake Union or Lake Washington served by volunteer crew. Each sail is tailored to each individual group and their particular needs, wishes and limitations.

In 1995 Sailing Heritage Society was formally registered as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. It has since expanded to include victims of domestic abuse, at-risk youth and disabled young people from over 30 diverse community organizations throughout the Puget Sound area.

These cruises cost approximately $500 per trip. Schooner Mallory Todd shoulders part of these costs while the remainder is made up by your donations to Sailing Heritage Foundation. We have no paid staff and expenses are primarily mission driven – the cost of using the vessel, photography & honorary captain's certificates, refreshments for our guests with minimal amounts spent on business operations.

These cruises are sailed on a beautiful US Coast Guard certified vessel operated by volunteer captains and volunteer crew.

Every dollar donated to Sailing Heritage directly supports families in need. Thousands of cancer patients, caretakers and families have sailed with us as a respite from the pain, stress and emotional burdens of physical illness.

Sailing Heritage Society programs also welcome people with a wide range of emotional, mental or physical challenges on sailing trips which emphasize individual development, leadership and confidence-building while providing a rejuvenating, positive, unforgettable and possibly life-changing experience.

Schooner Mallory Todd is a member of the
Pacific Northwest Schooner Association

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